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Duke of Midnight by Elizabeth Hoyt

Duke of Midnight by Elizabeth Hoyt

Received from Goodreads for an honest review

My honest review is that I LOVED THIS BOOK! I can’t believe that I never read Elizabeth Hoyt before. After reading The Duke of Midnight I put Hoyt’s copies on hold at the library.

First, I loved that the mystery of the Ghost of St. Giles did not drag out throughout the story. The heroine, Artemis was very quick to figure out who the Ghost of St. Giles was and it was not a big secret between the heroine and hero.

Maximus Batten is an interesting character. He reminded me of a “batman” type hero. He is looking to avenge the death of his parents and at night moonlights as the Ghost of St. Giles. Artemis is a very strong female character-which I love! Although she is her cousin’s companion she speaks up for herself and has no hesitation speaking her mind even if it means speaking up for herself or her twin- Apollo.

Hoyt’s naming of characters was very unique and she played with the story of Artemis/ Diana/ huntress of the night very well. She entertained these images throughout the story. Maximus seems just that, very strong and focused. He is very loyal to his duties and is also driven by the guilt surrounding the death of his family.

The supporting characters also helped to build the story. They either showed how Artemis position was viewed in their society or how different Artemis was from other ladies in society. Apollo was a very fascinating character and I cannot wait what Ms. Hoyt has planned for him! He was obviously falsely accused of killing three men and because of this he is thrown into Bedlam. Hoyt painted a very eerie and scary view of this “hospital”. My only hang up was that Artemis did betray her cousin-Lady Penelope. Lady Penelope was very flighty and shallow but Artemis knew that Maximus was courting her despite this she had absolutely no problem sleeping with him.

I highly recommend this book. It is full of adventure, action and romance!

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