Tuesday, March 19, 2019

ARC Review: Devil's Daughter by Lisa Kleypas

I could not wait for this book! When I was reading “Devil in Spring” Phoebe’s character kept grabbing my attention and I could not wait to see what Kleypas had in store for her. West Ravenel was introduced in the first book of the Ravenel series “Cold-Hearted Rake” and ever since then I have been waiting for his story! What an amazing series! I must confess I have not read all the books in the series but I was anticipating this one! 

For anyone that has not read Kleypas before (gasp), she also wrote “Devil in Winter” one of my all time favorite stories. I have read it so many times I have lost count. Here she introduced Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent. He marries a stammering wallflower in which with the Ravenels we have a chance to see how their life has unfolded as a married couple with children. Phoebe is the daughter of Sebastian and Evangeline. 

Phoebe is beautiful and a widow. She married her childhood sweetheart but he passed away before he could see the birth of their second son. Phoebe has always hated West because he tormented her husband as a child. West is by no means perfect and he is his own worst enemy. When a young man he was often found drinking, womanizing and making mayhem in society. In the first book of the series, he begins his transformation and dedicates himself to helping his brother and his decaying estate. Now in, “Devils Daughter” he is admired by the people that work alongside him and has changed his ways. Phoebe doesn’t think that he has changed from the brute that use to terrorize her husband and West refuses to forgive himself. When Phoebe attends her brothers wedding, at the door to greet her is none other than West. 

Phoebe quickly loses her reservations about West and realizes that he is a very changed man and one that she wants to get to know quickly. West does not find himself worthy of her and doesn’t see himself worthy of her love. 

This story was everything! It was full of emotion, ache, chemistry, sweetness, love, beautiful scenes, beautiful storyline, beloved characters from previous books. I have to confess that I expected Kleypas to make Phoebe and West more adversary but she did not and it worked beautifully. The one scene at the dinner table where they are sitting together was so sweet and loving that I just instantly knew this story was going to be heartbreaking and sweet and it was! Sebastian plays a very prominent role in the story and in many ways help West find his worth in the love that he does not think himself worthy of! I read this book quickly then slowly and then I skimmed it again. I loved it so much and is already a top read for 2019. I cannot recommend or love this story enough. 

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