Friday, April 18, 2014

ARC Review: It's Always Been You by Jessica Scott

Four Stars
*ARC received for an honest review

I’m convinced that Jessica Scott can do no wrong! This is my third novel by her and she never fails to impress and wow me! Her writing is always so intense and captivating that I find myself gripping my reading device with anxiety about what is going to happen next. She captures the raw, dirty, deep, emotions that make her characters so intriguing and complex. She has become one of my favorite authors!

I loved Olivia and thought she was such a fantastic character in the previous Coming Home book and in this book as well. She is strong, and very in control. She has a tough job but she is not afraid to do it! She also carries a lot of baggage with her. But her baggage serves to motivate her and keep her focused and it does not hinder her. Ben is equally fantastic. He is a typical alpha male with a lot of heart. And I mean a lot! Ben was so sweet and compassionate. He clearly loved his fellow soldiers and took his responsibilities very, seriously. When he had to deal with hard decisions it was easy to feel his pain and his angst about what he should do versus what he wanted to do.

Olivia and Ben were fantastic together. I loved how they balanced each other out and how they threw each other off balance! They both seemed to have very different ways to deal with tough decisions but both of them were equally able to stand by their decisions, even when they were not the right ones. My favorite part was their friendship. They had very strong respect for each other and they were able to appreciate their differences.

Once again, Jessica Scott is able to deliver on the terrible effects that war has on soldiers. Only she can get inside our heads and make us feel the terrible emotions that the soldiers are subjected to. I find her writing to always be thought provoking and her storylines to be exciting. I highly recommend this amazing story and really anything by JS! Another hit!
It's Always Been You (Coming Home, #5)

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