Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Silent Assasin by Leo J. Maloney

This is an ARC from, Silent Assassin by Leo J. Maloney is fantastic!  This story does not disappoint.  I did not read the first “Dan Morgan Thriller” but it did not affect my understanding or enjoying this story.  Maloney’s writing is fast paced and inviting.  The action unravels right before your eyes. 
It would be interesting to know how much of Mr. Maloney’s real-life experiences were used in the writing of Morgan’s own adventures.  There are bullets flying, bombs going off.  Morgan is very James Bond meets Bourne Identity but the story has many smart and action packed scenes.   I also like his humor.   I liked Morgan’s motto: trust, but verify.
The story moves throughout all parts of the world and it’s very exciting.  Nikolai Novokoff is the perfect villain.  The whole idea of a “killer” fungus was interesting and not the least bit lame, I thought it was very original and creative.
Diana Bloch was a great female contrast to Morgan’s alpha- male-CIA character.   I definitely plan on putting “Termination Orders” on my to-read list.  This was my first spy-thriller and I really enjoyed.  I would definitely re-read this book AND recommend it.   

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