Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Legendary Lord (Playful Brides, #6) by Valerie Bowman

I love this series so much! Every time I read a story in  “The Playful Brides” series I just love it more and more. Bowman is such an excellent author! She creates characters that are impossible to forget and that are so wonderful who would want to! The friendships and adventures that Bowman comes up with are always a memorable experience.

“The Legandary Lord” is the sixth book in the series and here we finally get Christian Forester, Viscount Berkeley. Christian was such a great and endearing character in the previous series, helping both Lucy and her friends out at every turn. Christian is the constant “hero to the rescue” in the previous stories and in this story he is once again ready to help a damsel in, this time it’s Lady Sarah Highgate.  Sarah, unlike Christian, has had a string of suitors after a very successful season.  To her parents delight she is engaged to be married. Sarah is always told what she is told until one day she can’t take it anymore and she runs to Scotland to “escape.” Through a case of mistaken home, she ends up in Christian’s hunting lounge. After a rough first introduction, they quickly become allies and form a pact. Christian, with the help of Lucy and company will help ease the “scandal” of Sarah’s escape. Sarah in turn will help Christian become “a legendary Lord” and finally capture the heart of one of societies ladies. What neither of them expect is to fall in love and not be able to forget one another.

Bowman has quickly become one of my favorite writers. I just can’t get enough of this series. Christian and Sarah developed such a sweet friendship and ultimately one that lead to them falling in love. I loved the setting in Scotland and the reappearance of Lucy and Cassandra. My one complaint after reading this story is that now I cannot wait to see what Bowman does with Sarah’s brother, Hart and her best friend Meg. The chemistry between them was so fun to read about! Loved this book and love this series! Bravo Bowman!

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