Tuesday, November 27, 2018

ARC Review: A Duke Changes Everything by Christy Carlyle

Christy Carlyle has been on my to-read list for a very long time. When “A Duke Changes Everything” became available to read I jumped at the chance to not only become introduced to her as a writer but also see the kick-off of the series Duke’s Den.

In this series we are introduced to, I believe, three friends. One of them Nicholas Lyon. Nicholas runs a gambling hall, “Lyon’s Gentleman Club.”. He is an outcast in society. Nick is the father of a Duke but he was disowned. He is seen as illegitimate in the eyes of the ton. Nick could care less. He is wealthy off the gambling of the highest members of the ton and their gambling addictions. Nick is partners with two other members and they run the gambling house in different ways through investments. Nick wants nothing to do with the ton, other than their vowels and loses, and mostly nothing to do with his family. When he gets news that he is now the new Duke Tremayne is he is shocked and determined to get rid of all that is a part of his childhood past, even the family home in Enderley estate. Enderley is where Thomasina Thorne has lived all her life. Since her fathers passing she has served as the estates steward. When Nick returns to a place that holds terrible childhood memories he is shocked to discover that his steward is a woman. Soon they are at odds when Nick is determined to sell off the estate and Mina is determined to protect it.

Mina and Nick were at the Enderley estate when they were children but Nick was quickly taken away and he never returned. Nick has many terrible memories of his father, his brother and Enderley. The only joy or excitement that Nick finds is in Mina. He finds her interesting and confusing at the same time. Although Mina loves her home she soon discovers that Nick suffered there and much of his childhood still haunts him. Mina soon sees that there are many layers to Nick and becomes intrigued with the new Duke of Enderley.

Overall, this was a good story. I liked both Nick and Mina but felt that there were many parts where the story dragged. I also felt that there were many parts where I could just skim because it felt unnecessary and also boring to read. I liked both Mina and Nick just didn’t find their romance captivating. I will however continue to read Carlyle and am looking forward to Iverson’s story which is the next one in the series.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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