Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Thing About Love by Julie James

The Thing About Love

I can’t get enough of Julie James.  First, I’m going to start with the heroine-Jessica Harlow.  James’ heroines are always kick-ass.  Harlow is no exception. She is an FBI agent.  She is just coming off a divorce.  Her heart is broken and she is trying to make a new start when she is back in Chicago. As part of the new position she has with the FBI she is partnered up with an old rival- John Shepherd.
John Sheperd and Jessica started training at Quantico years ago when they started training together.  Although John tried to help Jessica at the academy in the training areas where she wasn’t the strongest. Unbeknownst to John, Jessica has a lot to prove. She is in a male dominated field and she is sensitive to  John’s suggestions. What John sees as help she sees as criticisms.  Because of this miscommunication between them, they become adversary’s.
When John is partnered up with Jessica he tries to maintain a very strict business only relationship. He remembers her standoffish reaction to him in the past and it only adds to the tension that they both feel for each other.  James really knows how to create chemistry between Jessica and John. She couples that with a high charged case.  They are trying to take down a crocked politician and they also have other cases to work on.  I’m a huge James fan and this was just another added book to my list of books I already love by James. 
The Thing About Love

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