Friday, February 17, 2017

ARC Review: Mogul by Joanna Shupe

It’s bittersweet for me to review “Mogul” because I love this series so much and for reasons that I cannot comprehend the publisher didn’t encourage more books in this amazing series. I first discovered Shupe when I was listening to the audio of her book “ The Harlot Countess” her distinctive writing voice immediately grabbed me. When I first read “Magnate” the first book in the series I was obsessed with the Gilded age and the magnetic Knickerbocker Club. I wish I could tell you that I have a favorite story in the series but I don’t. Each book presents such fantastic chemistry and individual characters that I felt transported in the Gilded Period in NYC. Liz and Emmett, Ava and William and now Calvin and Lily are some of my all-time favorite couples!

“Mogul” lives up to the previous books in the series. Just like the previous books, I loved the heroine, loved the hero, the chemistry sizzled between them and I was completed enthralled. “Mogul” brings us the story of Calvin Cabot. Calvin much like Emmett, from the first series, has humble beginnings. He is an everyday reporter who meets the very lovely Lillian Davies. Unlike Calvin, Lily is very wealthy and from a very prestigious NYC family. Calvin does not know who Lily is, all he knows is that he can’t stay away from her and that the more time he spends with her the more he likes her. Lily always very level headed and strong falls deep in love with Calvin and they elope and get married. That is just the beginning!

When Lily’s father learns of the elopement he immediately puts both Lily and Calvin to the test-a test they both fail. 

When the story picks up again, Calvin owns the most powerful newspapers in New York. He is a driven newspaper man and Lily, despite her best efforts, needs his help finding her brother. Calvin wants nothing to do with his ex-wife but as their history starts to bring many skeletons out of the closet for both of them he finds that he has no choice. 

Lily and Calvin are a dynamic couple. They both know how to get the best or worst out of each other. They both carry a lot of pain form their past and have a lot to learn. I love Shupe’s  "Knickerbocker”series for many reasons: the main characters never fail to make me fall in love with them and their story. I’m emotionally invested in their journey and can’t wait to see where the author takes her characters. The time period is phenomenal. There is so much to learn and hear about I could read about it and not get bored! What a fantastic time in our history. Shupe also has the single talent for making secondary characters an additional part of the story. I want to know more about Ted, Cora and Brandon! What will happen to them?? For me, this series is right along with Lisa Kleypass’s Wallflower and Elizabeth Hoyt’s “Maiden Lane” series. “Mogul” lived up to all my expectations and surpassed them. Bravo Shupe!

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