Wednesday, September 28, 2016

ARC Review: Do you Want to Start a Scandal by Tessa Dare

This is not my first book by Tessa Dare so I jumped head first the minute this book became available to me. I do have to warn people that this book is not for the weak hearted. It was so funny I had to stop reading just so I could belt out a laugh. It came to the point where I had to read it in private so I wouldn’t just start laughing in the middle the public. Just like her previous books, Dare presents a fantastic heroine that is unique and unlike any other I have read before.

Charlotte Highwood is on a mission. She is determined to thwart her mother’s match making ambitions. To cut her off before she gets started to meets her mother’s intended son-in-law and warns him that her mother will undoubtedly try to arrange them to be seen together or spend time together. Piers Brandon, Lord Granville has never met anyone like Charlotte. She is fiercely independent, smart and determined to impede her mother’s meddling. When Charlotte warns him that he might end up engaged to Charlotte, Piers thinks that it might be an answer to his prayers. He could use a decoy wife while he is on special assignment as a spy for the English Crown. Charlotte and Piers are “thrown” together but not for the reasons that they both expect. When in the study a couple goes in for a dalliance, Piers and Charlotte are immediately accused. Piers, the honorable man that he is, accepts his duty and explains to Charlotte that they must marry. Charlotte is not having it. She refuses to be wed to man that does not love her. She will only marry for love and since she is not in love she will not accept anything less. Charlotte decides that she needs to uncover who the secret lovers really are so that she and Piers will be free.

There were so many funny parts to this book that I lost count. Piers and Charlotte were really fun to read about and Dare really kept the pacing of the book good. Charlotte was such a fun heroine. She was always up to something and Piers found her to be fun and exciting. I loved Charlotte and I also loved that Piers was the one that was ready to marry. Usually in all the books the men hold out to the very end. Slowly, Charlotte uncovers the truth behind Piers and she accuses him of not being the boring titled man that everyone suspects. To that, Piers responds that he is the boring titled man that everyone suspects. Needless to say I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read more from Dare! She is a fantastic author. The only little bit stopping me from a five stars was that I would have liked a little more chemistry between Piers and Charlotte. Do you want to start a Scandal? Does not disappoint.

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