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Hawke (Cold Fury Hockey #5) by Sawyer Bennett

Hawke (Cold Fury Hockey, #5)

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First I’m going to start with my love for Sawyer Bennett! She is so amazing! I tend to flock towards historical more than contemporary and then if I do read a contemporary author there are certain ones that I stick to, for example anything Julie James or Kristan Higgans. Well now I have to include Sawyer Bennett to that list. Anything Sawyer Bennett! I first discovered Bennett when I was reviewing an audio book “Ryker.” Although I had heard of Bennett I was not at all interested in hockey nor reading about athletes. Or so I thought. Bennett can write about the hockey puck and I would want to read it! She has a great talent for making the characters in her story seem like real people. When I was reading Hawke I felt a big connection to both the hero- Hawke Therrien and heroine- Vale Campbell. 

Hawke plays for the “Cold Fury” a North Carolina hockey team. ( I would like to say I have never seen a hockey game in my life and I was captivated by her descriptions of the game). He is a wild man and not afraid to show it. Earlier in his life him and Vale were inseparable. They both partied hard and loved harder. It seemed that nothing could tear them apart. Just before Hawke is about to take off for his big chance to play professional Vale breaks it off with him. Hawke is angry and hurt. He can’t understand how Vale can just switch off their love from one day to the next. Although he tries to get her to explain why, she refuses and walks away. Hawke never looks back. Although he still loves her he is not going to beg her and he makes his own life and eventually loses contact with the people that are from his hometown including Vale’s dad and their mutual friends. 

Hawke is a big deal in the Cold Fury, he parties hard but plays harder. He is a professional thru and thru. He is shocked when he learns that Vale will be working for the team as a physical therapist. Vale for her part has left the past behind her. She is no longer the hard-partier that Hawke knew and she realizes that after their shared past she can no longer look back. She is very cold and distant with Hawke and tries her best to keep him out of her life. She has moved on and she has more important things to worry about then their past heartbreak. 

Like I mentioned before, I loved both Vale and Hawke. I was curious to know why she broke it off and it was hard to understand her motives until the truth comes out. When Hawke finally learns the truth he tries to make up for the past they lost but faces a lot of resistance from Vale. As Vale and Hawke begin to know each other again it was easy to see why they were so in love. I loved their dynamic and their intense love for each other! I also loved how Bennett had them come together and develop a friendship. As in past “Cold Fury” books, Bennett does not have her character’s waste time with immature and unnecessary and exhausting drama. Her characters seem like real people genuinely trying to find their way to love and happiness. When I started “Hawke” I couldn’t put it down and when I finished it I couldn’t stop thinking about Vale and Hawke! I highly recommend it and really enjoyed it and I am undoubtedly a HUGE Bennett fan!

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