Tuesday, August 4, 2015

ARC Review: Second Chance Summer by Jill Shalvis

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Jill Shalvis has quickly become an automatic must read for me. She is a fun author and her characters are always enjoyable. “Second Chance Summer” is the first book in the Cedar Ridge series. There are some things that I’ve come to expect with Jill Shalvis and her characters. First, the male is also alpha but with a mix of very sweet and tender guy. For example, her heroes are always everyday heroes. They are not multi-dollar millionaires but a firefighter or in this case, a firefighter/ rescue worker. Aidan Kincaid is as tough as they come in the hero department. Another aspect of Shalvis is that her heroines are always strong but they are also very vulnerable and sometimes boarder on fragile. But both her hero and heroine have chemistry and there are guaranteed laughable moments.

Lily Danville left her hometown and never planned on returning. There were too many ghosts in her closet and she wanted a new beginning for herself. Through a series of events she finds herself back home and coming face to face with her ghosts. Including Aidan. Lily is a very sweet character. She carries around a lot of guilt about things that happened in the past that were not her fault. One of those things she felt guilty about was her feelings for Aidan. Aidan is more straightforward. He still has feelings for Lily, never got over her and wants a second chance with her.

As I mentioned before there are certain characteristics of Shalvis’ storytelling that I’ve come to expect. I really liked both Lilly and Aidan but I felt they were very similar to her previous characters. They had a past they both needed to get over and the heroine has to heal. So even though I did not love this story it did feel comfortable. I know that when I want to read a sweet and romantic story about two very strong willed people, who will undoubtedly have comical moments, Shalvis will deliver this. On the same token, I would like to see something different in her characters or at least the storyline. When her fans read “Second Chance Summer” they will not be disappointed because it is true Shalvis romance, like only she can create. Fun, intense, sweet and tender all in one book

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