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The Church of Tango: A Memoir by Cherie Magnus Plus Give Away

The Church of Tango:
A Memoir
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[memoir / travel, with some elements of romance]
Release date: January 2012
at Mirasol Press
306 pages
ISBN: 978- 0615573540
Author’s website | Goodreads
More than a metaphor and much more than a dance, the Tango takes Cherie from being a widow with suicidal tendencies to traveling the world in search of herself, finding love, sorrow and serenity. Her quest takes her to France where she falls in love with aristocratic Olivier, and to Argentina where she falls in love with the tango. Along the way she discovers and deals with her own two separate breast cancers and the loss of all that she’d previously valued. Relationships in the desperate singles world is a whole new dance to learn, before being blessed at the Church of Tango.
The Church of Tango captivates readers struggling with tragic loss, illness, and death, as well as those who are passionate about travel and adventure, who long for love, or who delight in dance of all kinds.
Gold Medal winner 2013 of the Wishing Shelf Book Award [provided by the author]
My Review:
Copy Received from France Book Tours for an honest review
Five Stars
I personally really love memoirs because I feel that they always have something to teach us.  Everyone can contribute a lesson from their life story.  I thought Cherie's "The Church of Tango" was a perfect example of this.  Her honesty was very humbly because she really bared her heart and soul in this memoir.  I also love her passion.  I've seen the Tango danced many times and felt that the dance was a perfect metaphor for Cherie and her life.  It's a dance of passion, pushing and being pushed; similar to many events that happen in her life.  At times she was down but she found the passion to push back.  I thoroughly enjoyed this memoir and learned about the courage it takes to start over and follow ones passion!

Cherie Magnus, a California native, lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for 12 years.
She was a dance research librarian in the Los Angeles Central Library
and a dance critic for local newspapers before moving to France, Mexico, and finally to Argentina in 2003.
Many of her articles on dance, books, travel and international culture have been published in magazines,
professional journals, and several anthologies.
She has written a blog on expat life, Buenos Aires culture, and tango since 2006.
Currently she is preparing a prequel, Arabesque: Dancing on the Edge in Los Angeles, to be published in 2014.
Visit her website. Follow her on Facebook, and Twitter 
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