Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bad Girls Don't Marry by Cody Gary


“I have a past. I react horribly and lash out often. My father is a self-serving bastard and my sister is a nightmare. Really, I’ve given you no reason to defend me or stick up for me, so I just have to know . . . why?”
He turned around with a glare. “Why what?”
“Why do you like me? I’m not a good person. People think I cheated on my husband, for God’s sake. Why do you rush to my defense and push my buttons and kiss me like you want to know every deep, dark secret I have?”
The moon glistened off her dark hair, and Justin reached out to cup her cheek, his anger draining at her frank question.
He thought about it, and a dozen different reasons raced through his brain. Because of the way she stood up to people and damned the consequences. Because he still remembered that girl who had so captivated him. Because, despite her belief that there was nothing good about her, he thought she was wrong.
But instead, all he said was, “I have no idea.”

My Review:
Five Star
Copy received from: TastyBookTours for an honest review
What a great story! This is my first time reading Codi Gary, but definitely not my last! The writing was fantastic!  I loved the storyline and I loved the hero and heroine!  This was not a cut and paste kind-of-story.  This was about real people looking for love.  I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading more books by Codi Gary!


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