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ARC Review: Sinfully Yours (Hellions of High Street #2) by Cara Elliott

*ARC received for an honest opinion
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Five Stars
I feel partly responsible for how the excellent this book turned out! I knew when I read “Scandously Yours (Hellions of High Street #1)”I knew that the next book would be fantastic. I was hooked on the chemistry between Anna Sloane and Devlin, the Marquis of Davenport. I found them to be fun and witty. I loved their verbal barbs back and forth. They were so likeable as individual characters and as a couple. They had such fantastic chemistry that the pages sizzled, Sinfully Yours (Hellions of High Street #2) was sinfully fantastic!

Anna or as her readers know her ( Sir Sharpe Quill) secretly writes about heroes and heroines that fall in love and have great adventures. Except for her two sisters, all of society believes that Sir Sharpe Quill is a man. Anna’s characters are fun and vivacious, Anna’s art does not imitate life. Although she writes salacious novels she has very little personal experience. Anna is very proper and charming. She is very beautiful and knows how to convince society of who they want to think she is. Fortunately for her, since she received a nice dowry from her brother-in-law she does not have to worry about marrying for convenience. Anna is seen as a proper lady and acts accordingly, or does she?

Devlin reminded me of “Devil in Winter” by Lisa Kleypass, one of my all-time favorite historical romances. Devlin is your typical scoundrel. He does and says what he pleases and has a reputation in society for of drinking, gambling and womanizing as his heart desires. He makes no apologies to anyone for anything. All of society knows that he has a title but no fortune… or does he? Devlin was a fascinating character. He was intriguing, mysterious, adventurous and very surprising, with many different layers to him. I loved him! I found myself highlighting most of his dialogue. He traded barbs with anyone that crossed his path. He was so quick witted and so scandalous I laughed out loud with most of his conversations.

In London Devlin and Anna run into each other at different times. For Anna, he has proven to be a great distraction when she and her family are invited to Scotland for a visit she is eager for the change in scenery. She is hoping that she can get through her looming deadline for her next novel. As fate would have it, Devlin is called away to the same gathering for a special “mission”. The change of setting was so inviting and fun. I loved that the author changed it up and set the rest of the story in Scotland. When in Scotland we are introduced to some new and interesting characters. One is a Scottish baron, Alec McClellan who Caro, the youngest sister, seems to have a difference in opinion with quit often (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will be the next hero/heroin). Aside from the new cast of characters and setting we have a murder plot on our hands! It seems that there is a threat against a German Prince that is also in attendance. The plot was a great addition to the already blossoming romance between Devlin and Anna. As they work together to uncover who is behind the plot to murder the Prince, they get to really know each other and end up pleasantly surprised.

Cara Elliott has quickly become one of my newly discovered favorite authors. She is very engaging and easy to read. Her dialogue is fun and interesting. I love the relationship that the sisters share and the way that they are ahead of their time, thanks to their fathers influence on them. All sisters are very accomplished and talented. I enjoyed this story immensely, would recommend and re-read! Can’t wait for “Passionately Yours”.
Sinfully Yours

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