Friday, January 24, 2014

Chance of a Lifetime (Harmony, #5) by Jodi Thomas

* ARC received from publisher for an honest review
review originally posted :

I’m usually a fan of small town romances. I think that it always sets the atmosphere of warm and welcoming place and is a great place for relationships to grow and develop. I thought that Ms Thomas captured many of the nuances of small town living. I especially liked Emily and Tannon Parker. I liked the way that their past was a part of their present but it wasn’t spoken of until it was time. I loved how their conversations were lazed with another meaning. It kept me intrigued. The whole time I kept thinking, what happened between them? Although Tannon could be considered intimidating I found him to be very vulnerable and sad. At first the characters seemed very flat. Emily was just a stereotypical librarian enjoying her quiet life. But the more time that Tannon spent with Emily the more interesting they became. It was both sad and interesting to see how they were both unable to move past their history, yet at the same time it was what kept them united after so much distance between them.

I liked Rick Matheson and Trace Adams story as well but thought that the death threats didn’t belong in the story. I liked the role reversal of Trace a U.S. Marshall was called in to protect Rick. I also liked how he helped her come to terms with her own feelings, emotions and vulnerabilities. Typically the roles are reversed. The man gives physical protection and the woman gives emotional healing. I loved that in this book it was the other way around. I also enjoyed some of the funny moments that they shared. This couple seemed to be full of contradictions but they were still enjoyable and very unique.

Although I enjoyed this story I thought there were a lot of extra details that I could have done without. Small parts I did not think were relevant to the book. Beau Yates and his mystery girl seemed awkward. I wasn’t overly impressed with Trouble. I kept thinking, why am I reading about these people? There were times when I found my attention drifting. I also tend to like one couple more than the other and find myself trying to skip to the couple I like best. I’m an impatient reader. Overall, this was a good book. Although I would not re-read it, I did enjoy seeing the growth between Tannon and Emily and Trace and Rick. This is definitely small town romance. I have never read Jodi Thomas but I do plan to read more of her work.