Friday, February 17, 2017

Audiobook “Marked by Midnight” by Lara Adrian, Narrated by Hillary Huber

“Marked by Midnight” is the 11.5 of the Midnight Breed series. For me, this is my first experience with Lara Adrian. She is one of those authors that I always mean to read so when the opportunity to review her novella came up I was excited. Although I enjoy paranormal it’s not a genre I hear or read frequently. I’m happy to say that this was a great introduction to both Adrian and to her Midnight Breed series. 

First, yes this is a novella but Adrian quickly established tension between the two lead characters: Mathias and Nova. Two, she presents the eerie scene of a murder out on the hunt for Nova. Three she was able to establish a connection between me and the secondary character even if only briefly. 

Mathias Roman is a vampire warrior Nova is a breed mate and she is able to see the end of people’s lives. Nova leads a quiet life as a tattoo artist. When the dead body of a man with scarab tattoo. Nova is quickly involved and her life quickly becomes threatened. Because Nova and Mathias are still strangers, there is room for misunderstanding and a lack of trust. Personally, I liked Nova and Mathias. Nova is a type of rebel but she is all heart and incredibly loyal to those she loves. Nova has had a tough life but she has started a little circle of people she loves. When one of them suffers protecting her she runs and takes her adoptive-type brother with her. Mathias feels hurt because she fled before coming to him. Mathias is a tough vampire but he realizes that Nova is one of a kind and he is not ready to lose her. Neither to the murder nor to their own distrust.

The novella was, yes short-it is a novella, but it is very good. I was instantly interested in the characters and the love story between Mathias and Nova. Also, I was curious to see how the story would unfold. I definitely plan to read or hear more by Adrian and I am very interested in the series. Hillary Huber was a great narrator. She really added to the tension and the emotions behind the story. “Marked by Midnight” is a compact novella of chemistry, suspense, back stabbing and conflict.

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