Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Married to Madness by Devin Shane

Received from Bookplex for an honest review
Two star (it was ok)

Where to start? This book is definitely about madness.  Even though it was not one of my favorites, I could not stop reading.  Brandon and Zack Cerasani have a typical marriage. They have a home and kids.  They are wealthy and live in Philadelphia.  They also like to give back to their community through philanthropy.  That is by day…. By night they are vigilante killers.  They have Mr. and Mrs. Smith relationship, neither one knows that the other is a vigilante. 
Brandon has a very dark past, she suffered at the hands of an attacker who brutalized and kidnapper and that is how she became a vigilante.  Zack has noble intentions, he has seen suffering and wants to help people stay safe.
The conflict occurs when Brandon and Zack find out the truth about each other.  Zack suspects that his wife’s thirst for justice may really be a thirst for blood.  Zack has to decide how long and how far he can stand by his wife and her ways.
This book has some good qualities and I think that readers that really enjoy action and raw honesty.  It had too much violence for my taste.   No tidy little happy ending in this novel.

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