Thursday, November 7, 2013

Julia, the Good Life Book One by Sarah Krisch

Julia, the Good Life Book One by Sarah Krisch
*I received a free ARC of in exchange of an honest review*

This book was a two star (ok) for me.
First, I loved Sarah Krisch’s writing.  She drew me in completely.  She had a great plot and very creative scenes.  The characters were unique and quirky.   What I did not like was Julia… She was so obnoxious… I really tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but it was hard to feel any sympathy for her.  She was very superficial and a fake… I get that she is an actress and she made this blog and persona… but her “real” personality was lacking.
1)      She basically steals her grandmothers’ ideas and blogs about them.  She never gives her any credit.  Ironically, she goes back to the farm and ask her grandparents to lie on her behalf.  She  is angry that Brad is living in the guest house.
2)      She has an instant dislike for Derrick… because…? He works on her grandparents’ farm and helps them out? Or because he is staying in the guest house?  I found Julia to be very immature and could not connect to how frivolous she was.
3)      She has conversation with a developer and in that conversations SHE decides that her grandparents have to sell the farm…. Because…? They are old??
Brad I really liked.  I liked that the other gave him many layers. He had his demons to work through and it was very endearing how he helped out Julia’s grandparents.  Ethan the “husband” was so annoying he was more childlike than his real son.  I could not deal with how annoying he was.  I also found it very disturbing that Jaime (her fake son) called her “mom”.
Despite my little hang-ups.  I thought that the author was very talented and would definitely read something by her again.   
Julia (The Good Life, #1)

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