Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Effective Inclusion Strategies for Elementary Teachers by Cynthia G. Simpson, Ph.D, Jessica A. Reuter, Ph.D and Jeffrey P. Bakken, Ph.D.

Five star!
This is a great resource for Elementary school teachers.  I am a teacher and also certified in ESE (Exceptional Student Education) also known as Special Ed.  This book provided a wealthy of information.  The information is clearly laid out and very easy to follow.  My favorite part is the section labeled “applying the strategies”.    The book also provides case studies to show the examples of some of the challenges that students face.  There is a very clear and thorough explanation of the inclusive classroom and explanation of current educational laws.  Another section that I really liked was Chapter  12 Technology for Students With Disabilities.  This chapter shows how different technological programs can help with different learning challenges.  These challenges range physical to emotional.   I highly recommend this book.   

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