Friday, June 9, 2017

The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

Five Stars
I wish my words were sophisticated enough to give this book the review it deserves! I absolutely loved this book. I can't help think how serendipitous it is that this book is published a few days after the movie "Wonder Woman" broke so many records. Quinn brings to life the characters and I think more importantly give women the voice and acknowledgement that way too often they are not given in the shaping of history! Often we hear about the complexities of spies in WWI and II but how many of us know the involvement of women. That the most successful spies answered to a women?Definitely not I . We need more authors like Quinn who gives us the her-story that we often are cheated from! Quinn's details are a testament to the amount of research she did for this book. This is a must read-does not disappoint!
The Alice Network
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