Tuesday, March 1, 2016

ARC Review: The Rogue Not Taken by Sarah MacLean

Anything Sarah MacLean writes I want to read. When I saw that she had a new book in her new series “The Rogue Not Taken” I jumped up in excitement. McLean is such a great writer! I loved her previous series “The Rules of Scoundrels and “Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover” was one of my favorite reads in this past year.

In true MacLean fashion she writes about a peculiar heroine who wants to play by her own rules and not those of society. Lady Sophie Talbot is not of blue-blood. Her father won a title in a game of cards and with his hard work in the coal mines, he amassed wealth. The aristocracy looks down on her and her family because of these two traits but also because her and her sisters have even received a quirky name. Sophie is the youngest of the sisters and she feels the most constraint by society’s rules. She is also very emotional and sensitive about the gossip that surrounds her family. When she catches her older sister’s husband in romantic rendezvous with another woman, Sophie doesn’t hesitate to take matters into her own hands. Unfortunately, this has very big ramifications and Sophie thinks that her family will fare better in London without her. She runs into The Marquess of Eversley’s, or King as he is referred, carriage. King is not the least big happy to see that Sophie is dressed up as a boy and has used his carriage to escape from London.

Needless to say their adventure is never boring and Sophie being the courageous and dangerous heroine that she is, ends up shot. King realizes that Sophie is unlike anyone that he has ever met even though they both swear to part ways, they invariably end up needing each other’s help. King is known for his habit of ruining woman for marriage and based on this reputation Sophie forms an opinion of him.

MacLean always has adventured filled story and this one is no exception. There were also some very funny moments and some tender moments as well. Although Sophie considers herself the “unfun” sister, she is definitely fun. King has some soul searching to do as well since his own history often affects his present. There were two factors that stopped this from giving it a five. One is the sisters. Although Sophie identifies herself in relation to her sisters we don’t really see too much interaction with her and her sisters and I wish that there would have been more sisterly interactions at the beginning to better understand the Talbot sisters. Second, I thought her and King didn’t mesh well until more than half the book when they really started to understand each other and chip away at their misconceptions about each other. MacLean has some tricks and secrets up her sleeve and she shares some fun surprises with the readers. I personally cannot wait to see what she has in store for the other sisters and who she has in mind with the very sexy scot. I think this was another great MacLean romantic adventure.
The Rogue Not Taken (Scandal & Scoundrel, #1)

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