Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Take Me Home for Christmas by Brenda Novak

Take Me Home for Christmas by Brenda Novak
*I received a free ARC of Take Me Home for Christmas by Brenda Novak in exchange of an honest review*
Loved, loved, loved this book. This is what I like to call a life-interrupting-reading kind of book. Life just gets in the way of your reading but all you want to do is read the story. This is my first Brenda Novak book and it was amazing. First, her storyline was so original. There are no perfect characters in this book! She also makes the story so real that you just want to keep reading and find out what happens next.
I never read any of the other Whiskey Creek Novels but it did not have an impact on my ability to follow the story line.
First, Sophia DeBussi was a high school “mean girl”/ “spoiled-rich-princess” type. Through many different events she ends up penniless and homeless with her 13 year old daugher Alex. From the beginning we learn that Sophia was in a very abusive marriage with the town “has it all” husband. Skip was wealthy, good-looking and a basic scumbag.
Sophia didn't have any friends because of her past behavior and her marriage to Skip. So when Skip rips off more than half the town everyone at Whiskey Creek holds Sophia accountable. They literally rip her home apart and take everything from her.
Sophia is very pitiful and in a very pitiful situation. With the help of her daughter and new found friend-Eve she starts to slowly get on her feet. The process is a long and difficulty one and Sophia has some demons in her closet that she has to fight in the process. I loved how Ms. Novak showed her process and I especially loved the little temptation she threw in at the end! ( I don't want to give it away)
Notice I have not mentioned Sophia's love interest-Ted. I loved how Ms Noval handled their relationship also! Ted and Sophia dated when Ted was in college but basically she cheated on him and got pregnant with Skip's daughter. Ted and Sophia never got over each other and it takes them a very long time to finally find their way into each others lives and develop a friendship.
I thought Ted was such a great guy. I only hated the way he included Eve in his love-triangle. I also hated that Eve and Sophia drifted apart... BUT! Like all great redemption stories Sophia overcomes her demons, she becomes her own women, and finally becomes the person that she always wanted to be.
I loved this book and am going to re-read it and recommend it !

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