Thursday, June 30, 2016

Audiobook Review: The Courtesan Duchess by Joanna Shupe, Narrated by Carmen Rose

copy from Tantor Audio for an honest review
I’ve had a copy of “The Courtesan Duchess” to hear for a while now, it was only after reading “Magnate” by Joanna Shupe that I was intrigued with her writing and interested to see how Shupe would unravel this story. It sounded unique and intriguing.

Our heroine, Julia, the Duchess of Colton, is an abandoned wife. Her husband, Nick never wanted to marry and did it only out guilt and family duty. Julia has been on her own since her wedding day. Because of that she has been a prey to the man in Nick’s family that are all to happy that Nick has left England and that he has washed his hands of his estate and his wife. Julia’s situation becomes very pressed and the only thing she can think of is to seduce her husband under the guise of a courtesan. With the help of her friend and Aunt, she travels to Venice to seduce her husband-the Depraved Duke.

Julia pays for the professional services of one of London’s most notorious courtesans in an effort to get pregnant and gain an heir so her problems will all be solved. Nick has left her and has done nothing to reach out to her. Nick is instantly intrigued by Julia and they begin a love affair. He does not suspect that she is really his wife. Nick soon realizes that the women he thought to be a talented courtesan is really his wife and he immediately travels back to London to confront her. He soon realizes that she is with child. Nick, who never had any familial love or warmth from his parents immediately suspects that Julia was already pregnant and trying pass over her child as his. Their reunion is definitely not a happy one. I have to say that all this happens in only in the beginning of the book. Nick and Julia have many obstacles to overcome before they can even begin to understand each other.

Ok, so Shupe is fantastic! I really enjoy her unique storylines and I never knew where her story was going to take me. I liked Julia but Nick I had a harder time with! He was so stubborn and closed-off for the idea of ever finding happiness. Julia and Nick have many more obstacles to overcome aside from their own feelings for each other, there are scheming family members, attempts on their lives, just to name a few. Although Nick was very frustrating I really wanted them to finally find their happy ending. I was intrigued with the plot and I enjoyed them as a couple. I can’t wait to jump into the “The Harlot Countess.” The narrator, Carmen Rose, had her work cut out for her. There were many emotional scenes and complex characters and I thought she did them all justice in bringing them to life. I really enjoyed this story.

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